Keith White’s World Challenge 2014

Disabled yachtsman sailing Single-handed literally single handed! , non stop around the world.

World Map

The World Challenge is to sail single handed and non stop around the world.

It sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The route itself is straightforward, Disabled sailor Keith White will sail around the world from west to east via the great capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn.

Be in no doubt, this will be the biggest challenge of his life. With one working hand, for 10 months Keith will sail alone, heading south in the Atlantic, across the bay of Biscay, the Doldrums at the Equator and into the southern hemisphere. Keith will brace himself for the perilous voyage across the Southern Oceans Indian and Pacific Oceans  with its huge swells, savage storms and tumultuous seas. Keith will then take on the mighty Cape Horn before finally sailing north up the Atlantic back to Great Britain.

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Rescue in the Mediterranean

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Incident at sea

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We are off!

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The peace and tranquillity of the ocean, the starry night skies and the magnitude of glory in the dramatic sunsets, all conspire to make you really appreciate that its those simple things in life that boost contentment and happiness.