Keith White’s World Challenge 2015

Disabled yachtsman sailing single-handed and non stop around the world.


I now only have the last stage to complete for my Round the World Challenge.

My boat is a custom ‘Feeling 1350’, a 44 foot Sail Boat. It was built to compete in the BOC single handed round the world race in 1992. So far the boat has completed 2 circumnavigationss

I’m really lucky to have found a sponsor for my sailing clothing but do not have sponsorship for new sails. I have funded a complete refurbishment of the boat myself over the winter this year (2014-15), including new rigging, engine refurb and new mounts. Osmosis treatment, coppercoat antifoul and associated equipment. I have also renewed a lot of the electronics to bring them up to date and added a new bank of batteries. This is only a small part of what I have done myself.

I am a very independent person but am running out of time to get this challenge underway this year. I will be raising money for “Save the Children” and a new foundation to build a sailing replica of the Cutty Sark for under prvileged children & promote traditional ship building skills.

You too can be a part of this amazing voyage. If you can, please help this final stage by helping to fund a new set of sails, running rigging and consumables including food.

Thank you, Keith

Keith White Disabled Yachtsman World Challenge Map


In 2015, disabled yachtsman Keith White will sail single handed and non stop around the world. With only the use of one arm, this will be the biggest challenge of his life. For 10 months, Keith will sail alone and isolated against the extremes of the environment and to the limit of his own mental and physical capability.


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“The peace and tranquillity of the ocean, the starry night skies and the magnitude of glory in the dramatic sunsets, all conspire to make you really appreciate that its those simple things in life that boost contentment and happiness.”