Disabled Yachtsman Keith White Sets Sail from Las Palmas

This afternoon, disabled yachtsman Keith White cast off from his stopover in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, to resume his single-handed sailing World Challenge. Having made his repairs to the electrics that generate power to top up the batteries, Keith finally left port to continue his voyage south to take on the Southern Oceans and circumnavigate [...]

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Keith White Has Productive Week In Las Palmas

Keith White has had a very productive week in Las Palmas. The main reason for stopping is that he was having problems with generating enough power to run the onboard systems.  These include the hydraulic auto-pilot, GPS plotter, radar, lights and the water maker. Despite having solar panels and wind turbine, Keith was having to run the [...]

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Progress At Last For Disabled Yachtsman Keith White

Progress at last for disabled yachtsman Keith White. After about a week of no wind off the coast of Portugal, disabled yachtsman Keith White is now into some steady wind  from the north east providing him with a good run south. Keith is relieved at last to be moving again. No wind is far more [...]

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