Keith White’s Interview In the Guardian

Keith is in the news again. Take a look at his interview in the Guardian. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Keith, he surprises you again. This is one of the most fascinating interviews yet. Enjoy

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Keith White is Homeward Bound

It's been amazing few months in the Caribbean. I've made lots of new friends and been reacquainted with some old friends too. My time in St Maarten and the Cayman Islands has given me time to do a refit on the boat, thanks to a lot of support I've had out here. It's also been [...]

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Disabled Yachtsman Keith White Ends His Journey In Saint Maarten

At about 11pm GMT on the 9 Jan 2016, Keith White arrived safely in Saint Maarten to end his World Challenge attempt to sail single-handed non-stop around the world. He was welcomed by friends and about 200 people at the quay side. After steering by hand for hundreds of miles he's obviously tired and a [...]

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