Voyage Is Nearly Over For Keith White

Exhausted and wet, the voyage is nearly over for Keith White. Keith has battled with his decision to postpone his solo circumnavigation but it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. Having received a battering in the Bay of Biscay in October, resulting in a lot of damage to the boat and himself, [...]

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Disabled Yachtsman Keith White Postpones World Challenge

With a heavy heart, disabled yachtsman Keith White postpones World Challenge - for now. Today Keith White confirmed with his team that he is stopping his single handed round the world challenge and is now heading for the Caribbean. After casting off in October, Keith endured storms in the Bay of Biscay which inflicted a lot of [...]

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Keith White Is In The Doldrums As He Heads For Cape Town

Following the previous news that Keith was heading back to Cape Verde, he's now heading south for Cape Town. He was having some major issues with his automatic steering which meant he had to remain on the helm pretty much 24/7. As you can imaging this was incredibly tiring and meant that Keith was getting [...]

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