Gearing Up for My World Challenge

Gearing Up for My World Challenge

It’s finally nearing time for me to cast off for my World Challenge! I don’t have an exact date but I’m getting to the stage where most of the work to the boat is complete.

My biggest challenge before I set sail is to try and source some new sails. The sails I have now are very heavy and so I would like to be able to replace them to make life a lot easier. As such I’ve started, with some amazing help from my mate Reg, a Crowdfunder appeal to raise the money for some new sails. You can literally be a part of my round the world project by donating. Below is a link to my Crowdfunder appeal and it would be amazing if you could help. Thank you.

One of the things I’m looking to the most on my voyage, is having a rest! I’ve literally put everything I’ve got into the project. As well as all the cash I had, I’ve worked 7 days a week for months for almost a year to get my beautiful boat ready for our life changing voyage together. Forgive me if I speak about my boat as if she was a person, but when you spend so much time together, dedicated to a project that would see us travel the world together, then it’s inevitable that the boat becomes a part of you. And that is how it will be when we sail the oceans of the world together. I will look after her and she will look after me. I love my boat, can you tell!

So at last it is all coming together. And I will need to cast off the latest before the end of October. The Bay of Biscay can be a very nasty in November and I want to get through the bay by then. You might be thinking, why on earth is Keith casting off on his World Challenge?! The answer is quite simple – when it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in the southern hemisphere. I want to try and avoid the worst of the conditions in the Southern Oceans and to do that I need to hit them in the summer months. I especially want to round Cape Horn before the southern hemisphere summer ends. The narrow gap between Cape Horn and Antarctica can be big trouble if you hit it at the wring time.

I will keep you posted before I go and during the voyage I will be sending updates to my team who will be updating the website for me. You will also be able to follow my position on the globe from my website via the GPS tracker I’ve just installed.

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Keith lives on the Isle of Wight and is an accomplished solo offshore Yachtsman. He lost the use of his left arm in a motorway accident in 1991, so he really is your genuine single handed yachtsman. What is incredible is that not only has his disability not prevented him from living his dreams, it’s spurred him on to better things. In 2015 he takes on the pinnacle of solo sailing by sailing single-handed and non stop around the world in his World Challenge.

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